• January 22, 2016
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Now that spring has sprung and sunshine is flooding into our homes and workplaces, it feels like time to give them just a little more sparkle. Out goes the clutter, in comes the duster – and with a little elbow grease, everything is looking lot more ship-shape.

When it comes to carpets however, whilst vacuuming and carpet shampoo may make them look cleaner on the surface, there is a multitude of sins hidden beneath, that only a professional deep clean can eliminate. Here are our Top 5 reasons for bringing in the carpet-cleaning professionals…

Bacteria and dust mites

Carpet fibres provide the ideal place for bacteria and dust mites to multiply, which can lead to allergic reactions in both people and pets. These microorganisms create an unhealthy space in which to live and work. And, left untreated, they will double in number every 30 minutes!

Carpets trap bad odours

Carpets are quick to trap smells that originate from cooking, smoking and pets. These can make an otherwise clean room seem like an unhygienic one. Odours will transfer onto the clean fibres in clothes and towels, rapidly turning them from sweet to foul-smelling items.

Tough carpet stains

Ordinary carpet shampoos will treat minor stains effectively, but they are no match for tough stains, which will simply reappear when the carpet dries. Home remedies leave carpets wet for prolonged periods of time, creating the perfect breeding ground for mould and mildew microbes. These will develop into living stains that can never be effectively removed – leaving you with a very permanent problem.

Longer-lasting carpets

Professional cleaning will prolong the life of your carpets, saving you the enormous cost and upheaval of buying and laying new ones; and if your carpets are under a manufacturer’s guarantee, the terms will usually stipulate that you must deep clean your carpets at least once every 18 months.

Clean carpets can give you a brighter, more positive environment

Professional cleaning makes your carpets look like new. They are left looking bright and smelling fresh in a way that home solutions can’t match. Clean carpets leave the whole room feeling lifted and bring a new positivity.